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Welcome. My name's Lance and I have a passion for creating and sharing videos with you. You might be wondering who I am and how all this began...

Tiny Epics History began in 2020 as the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. The channel was born out of a need to keep my sanity and make some kind of contribution to the world. So I tapped into my lifelong love of art, history, mythology and archaeology. The rest is... well... history.

I'm an artist from San Francisco, by the way, where I studied painting at Academy of Art and later earned my MFA at Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK. Currently I reside in Germany.


If you're new here, have a look at a few videos here on the website or on YouTube. There are now over 20 videos available for you to watch right now free of charge.


I think you’ll find something you like.



Lance Hewison


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